Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I finally can do it

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Yes, I learned how to knit a sock starting at the toe. This is the yarn I got in my bottleswap. Last Saturday evening I decided it was time to learn. I found a wonderful website (knitty) that had pictures of all the steps involved for casting on the toe. I choose the figure-8 cast-on and managed to get it on the first try. (That is not normal for me, which made it that much more exciting). It took me awhile to realize that with the thicker yarn and #2 needles, I needed less stitches than I thought for my big feet. (I had to frog my first attempt at the foot because they were way too big).
This picture is actually the toe for the 2nd sock. It decided to play Monopoly along with us. That is until our cat came over and wanted to play too. For her that means knocking our little people down and then watching in amazement as they fall.


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And here is a picture of the 1st completed sock. Both of the socks are actually finished now. I took these pictures 2 days ago. I really liked this yarn. It was so quick to knit and fun to watch how the pattern took shape. The yarn is not sewn in, because at the time I was unsure if I was going to add a little more to the top. I have since chosen not to.
I pulled out some Lorna's Laces I have in my stash and wanted to start another sock for me. Then I pulled out the Mountain Colors Bearfoot that was the reason for wanting to learn toe-up. I was excited, had lots of ideas and plans. Then I realized that I need to finish my son's Einstein so he can wear it before it's too warm. And I have a couple socks who need a partner. And I may have promised my younger son another pair of socks made from Encore, cause they slide better. There are also some gifts to be finished or made.
I then realized something else. Part of the reason I love knitting is that fresh, creative, 'I can do it all and finish by tonight' feeling that I get when I start a project on the spur of the moment. It's exciting. But then I look at my feet as they are enjoying their new, finished creation and I realize that it's even more of an accomplishment to finish what I started. When I do it brings a new excitement (occasionally even easier breathing to finally have that off the needles). The finished piece allows me to give a piece of myself to someone, to say 'I love you' everytime they put it on, to let them know they are important to me. It speaks much louder than words.
So, tonight I will keep working on my son's Einstein sweater. There must be a good show on somewhere...

Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter nest

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Here is a home-made nest made specifically for my boys' Easter egg hunt.

Easter flowers

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Look at the beautiful flowers my father spoiled me with! He buys flowers for my mother, my grandmother and myself on special occasions. Did you notice the color?

Easter weekend

What a fun weekend it was! My sons and I watched a marathon on Saturday . (gasp!). We "discovered" the Kids Discovery channel last week and found we are like it. During this time I was able to knit a new washcloth out of Euroflax Linen yarn. I had made one a while ago and just started using it and love it! So, I wanted to make another one out the multi-color yarn I had bought awhile ago. The first color I bought was a solid blue to match my then blue cupboards. Then I found a multi-colored one with the same blue in it. I wish this yarn was not so expensive, but I should get at least 3 more out of the yarn I still have left over from the 2 colors.
The rest of the weekend was spent coloring eggs, playing outside, going to church, yummy Easter dinner, and searching for eggs. (And knitting of course!)
I also watched the old movie Easter Parade. I'm a sucker for old movies and loved this one.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm in love

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I'm in love. Alpaca yarn is so soft and so nice to knit with. Here is a picture of my friend's unfinished fingerless glove. I changed the pattern a little bit. I added the light blue on the bottom just to ensure that I'd have enough yarn. The thumb is knit in the light blue as well. (Because I did not quite have enough to finish it in the dark blue). I also made the glove longer on both ends.

Just for fun look who else made these glovelets.
- Knitty Gritty (using Morehouse Merino)
- The Woolen Rabbit (scroll down a little)
- Sheep in the City (she used Koigu..yummy)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Quiz time

Which flock do you follow?
You are a -
Hippy Sheep!
Peace dude, flower power, ban the bomb... more grass please.

this quiz was made by alanna

Since I'm not feeling too well, here is a quiz! lol. Not sure if it fits me though. I've never done drugs and I'm quite the conservative boring person. But it's a fun quiz.

Not much knitting getting done. I did finally get my copy of the Interweave Knits on Monday. I started the little capelet that is actually advertising the new Goddess yarns. I got some Goddess yarn (in the mint color - #8361) on e-bay not that long ago and have been incredibly anxious to start this capelet. It's a different yarn than the pattern call for, but at 100% Pima Cotton it should be nice for spring and summer. It's an easy knit and will be nice to wear in the summer. I made a mistake on one side of the edges, but decided not to frog it. Lazy? Perhaps. But, since I'm over halfway done and I have many more projects and this is just for me... lol. See how I'm trying to rationalize this? I'm just so excited to see it done.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The green socks

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Here are the green socks that I knit for my youngest son for St. Patrick's Day. I interrupted a basketball game to take the picture. And since it seemed awfully goofy to have your Mom ask you to take your shoes off, we both took our shoes off for the picture. Not the best picture, but you get to see both our socks. I believe his are knit with Plymouth Encore, but it was so long ago and I lost the ballband. Mine are knit with Fortissima Colori Disco.

The green hat

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I stopped at my parents house after church today and took pictures with my Dad's camera. My mom has her house all decorated for Easter, notice the lamb in the picture. :-)
This is the hat I stayed up late finishing for my oldest son so he could wear it on St. Patrick's Day. I had to frog the top and reknit it a bit longer, but it is now ready for his matching sweater to be done. Once again I used my now favorite hat pattern and the yarn is Plymouth Encore.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

We have pictures

I think that I finally figured out what the problem was thanks to Beth. (Her post explained how she solved the mystery). The pictures seem to be working and I hope it remains that way!

The new socks

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Here is the new socks I'm working on for my oldest son. (See previous post). The first sock is almost done.

The 2 completed socks

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Here is the picture of the 2 completed socks. (Previous post). These have now been worn quite a bit. My older brother also would like socks made with these colors. I think that he will get a pair made out of Cherry Tree Hill yarn first. The first sock is already done. I was a testknitter and never got the 2nd sock done since it was right about the time we moved into our new house. I actually am not sure they still make the yarn (fingering weight possum), but the colorway is Martha's Vineyard.

The "pink" socks

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Here is the "pink" socks made from Mountain colors Bearfoot yarn (see previous post). I have a confession to make about these. I frogged them. Yes, it was the 2nd time doing so. I decided I was too paranoid about the amount of yarn and that they needed to be knit from the toe up. For the moment I have not restarted them. I've never knit toe-up, so if anybody has any good patterns, let me know!

The blue headband

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Here is the headband I made for my mom. (See previous post).

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Comments, girlie things and green

I wanted to thank those of you who have left comments. I'm new to this, so I'm not sure if I am supposed to respond? But, I do get excited to read what you have to say. And thank you to knit at nite (perdrixgrise) for the tip regarding my problem getting pictures to show up!

Monday afternoon I received my 'bottle' from the Whenever sock group. (It's somewhat like the secret pal thing). It came in a green mini-tub. My sons were home and helped me open it. And oh my, I love girlie things and the color pink and Danielle spoiled me with both. My sons were a bit dismayed, but said it was "perfect for mommy".

Here's a few of the things that were in my treasure box:
- Sassy Stripes from Moda Dea; 2 skeins in Crush. I've been wanting to make a pair of socks out of this yarn.
- Super Socks from Mary Maxim; 2 skeins in Barbie!!
- A beautiful pin from Skein Lane; it says 'Knit Happy' and has a women on it. I think it's handpainted and it is beautiful.
- a little stone that appears to have yarn in it (pink) made by Robin Pascal. My friend and I had actually just been admiring these last weekend in one of the yarn shops.
- a tape measurer that is a sheep. It is very cute and the one I actually liked best. The site I linked does not have the sheep, but you get the idea of what I'm talking about.

I also got a lot of sweets, some other treats (with pink in them), and a great bag of eyelash yarn. It was so much fun and I've already enjoyed some of the chocolate...yummy! I hope that the person I'm sending a 'bottle' to will love hers just as much. I also need to finish the last thing I'm knitting for her with the yarn I bought this past weekend.

Today though is green knitting day. I suddenly realized that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and thought it would be very cool to knit something for the boys to wear to school. So, last night I pulled out a pair of green socks I had started for my youngest son 2-ahem years ago. Not sure why they never got done, except that I started getting a bit more 'professional' with my sock knitting? Anyways, they are a very quick knit, thick yarn and big needles. One is done and fits him and the other will be done by the time he comes home from school. He is excited. For my oldest I think I may knit a hat that will match his soon-to-be done green Einstein coat/sweater. (too bad I didn't make the connection and get the Einstein done!). I don't think this will take long and I had planned on making him the hat to match anyways. So, we will see if I can pass this challenge.

With that in mind, I best get knitting!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So many treats!

I'll start with telling about the wonderful weekend I had. I went out of town and got to meet my brother's fiancee's family. My brother rented a room in this little coffeeshop (right next door to a Birkenstock store..Oh my!). We had the most delicious cake and fun getting to know each other. Then we got the incredible privilege of going to the bridal shop and seeing the bride try on dresses. She will be a very beautiful bride!
My son got sick, so that was a bummer. Poor guy was so stuffed he could hardly breath. We spend as much time as possible with Dee, who spoiled us rotten with Christmas presents. She gave me the new game that I secretly love. Wow! Plus a movie with my crush. (It's fun to have a friend who helps you enjoy the non-adult part of yourself, right?)
I was able to get to 3 yarn shops, even though Dee told me only 1. Hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, right? I found the few items I was hoping to get for my bottle buddy (part of the Whenever sock group on Yahoo - see sidebar), as well as new yarn to remake the item I wanted to include, but my mother bought and gave to my brother's soon-to-be mother-in-law. This yarn works better for the person I'm sending it to, so it was a good thing.
I enjoyed looking at all the yarn and little fun things in the yarn shops. I bought some Alpaca yarn for Dee to make her a pair of Eric's Glovelets. I made myself a pair out of Silke-Tweed and I love them. I bought her the vivid lilac color, which looks pink. The yarn shop I found it in only had 1 skein of this pink, and then some brown, black, and white. I knew I would have to make myself another pair with this scrumptious yarn, but figured I'd wait (lack of the color and thinking I really should not spend money for stuff for me). Then Dee and I went to a new Yarn Cafe that had opened near-by. I wish I could have had more time in that store! They had a fireplace going and lots of really nice knitters surrounded by yarn, yarn, and more yarn. They had a huge selection of the Blue Sky alpaca. Dee picked out a different color for her mitts, leaving the pink for me. Sigh. Could it get any better?
The time was too short, and I debated kidnapping Dee and bringing her back home with me. I enjoyed seeing my brother so happy with life and again realized how lucky our family is with his choice of his soon-to-be wife. And it's always fun to take trips with my parents. Lack of sleep, sick child, and the inability to see everyone I wanted to are just part of life.
I also got my bottle! I am overwhelmed with all that I got and how so much of it was things I really wanted, but would never have bought for myself. I will post about those things tomorrow. I need to go and do laundry and other things before the boys get home from school.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Long time waiting

I think pictures are working! I'll start with the picture of Weekend Knitting. I have wanted this book for ages. But I cannot bring myself to spend $25 on a book. So, after what has seemed like years, I finally found one to suit my budget on e-bay. I'm loving it. My youngest son has wanted me to make him the game bag for a long time too. (we love to go to Barnes and Noble and sit for hours).

It's been a busy, but fun week. The boys are on spring break, so I've gotten lots of knitting done while playing games and watching movies. The one sock is almost to the toe, the headband is done, Einstein coat is making progress (right side and sleeves left), and I've finished lots of almost done things that are meant to be gifts.

I also received a really nice treat from Laura. I snuck in just in time to be one of the lucky to receive handmade stitchmarkers from her Finchy's Feeling the Love giveaway. I believe she even made the envelope that she sent them in. That was fun! I remember making envelopes in my pre-children days. I will take pictures and post them later.

Now I must finish washing some of my recycled yarn and get supper in the oven. Then tonight it's more games and a movie. (and knitting!).

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Pictures are just not working. And I just made the idiotic move of losing the post I just wrote.

The picture I tried posting today is of the socks that I'm making for my oldest son now. He loved the pair I just finished and reminded me had outgrown all the others I've made him in the past. Then he spied the yarn my knitting buddy just gave me. She had gotten it in Germany (where I grew up) when she was visiting. He said this was a 'fun' pair. I'm almost to the heel now and they are turning out really nice. I like the colorway alot.

I'm also trying to finish his Einstein coat before we leave for a little out-of-town trip this weekend. My poor younger son is patiently waiting for me to find the blue yarn (that, ahem, he lost) so I can start his spiderman socks. He has also designed the next sweater he wants me to make for him. Not bad for a 6 year old, huh? We are using recycled yarn from old sweaters and just need to find an old orange one to complete the design colors.

I'm anxiously counting the days until this weekend. I will finally get to see my bestbud Dee! I've already forwarned her that I plan on going to at least 3 yarn shops. She told me I could pick 1. Sigh. Maybe we can settle on 2? It's so fun to just browse and look and dream. I need to use more of my 'stash' yarn before buying new yarn. But, I would like to find some Crystal Palace double points and perhaps some little cute knicknack stuff for my bottleswap partner.

This morning I read Erica's blog and loved her pictures and describtion of her weekend. I grew up in Germany (and Austria) and have not been back in 15 years. I miss it alot. Check out her pictures and her yarn finds. And then drool with me over the chocolate and gummies they ate. If you scroll down a little you can also find adorable pictures of her children. (look at cute baby Conner!).

Friday, March 04, 2005


I wanted to make this for my Mom for Christmas, then got too busy and couldn't. The pattern kept peaking at me, wondering how I could put it aside when it was so beautiful. Finally I realized I had to hurry up and knit this before the snow melted. I finished last night at a banquet and gave it to my Mom today. She likes it. And I actually made it blue, because I have a feeling my Dad may steal it from time to time.

I used left over Woolease for this. I think next time I'll try and use something that's not acrylic, so I can block it. The picture with the pattern looks like it must have been blocked.

(For picture see post on March 19th)

No pictures

I found out my pictures are not showing up. I'm not sure why, as I did the same thing I've been doing from the beginning. Hopefully I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Something pink

(For picture see March 19th post)
Here are my socks. Well, the start of what will be the socks. The 2nd start in fact. The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot. The yarn is wonderful and I love, love to knit with it. My knitting buddy brought it back from Stitches for me. She picked it out because of the pink in it. How lucky am I? The first attempt at knitting these socks had to be frogged. I was using a pattern that used alot of yarn and realized as I was nearing the toe that I would not have enough yarn left for both socks. So, I frogged it and divided the yarn into 2 balls. Now if I runout this time, I will have to use some other yarn I have around for the toe or something like that.

This sock usually travels with me in its travel bag that you can see behind it. I want to finish these and wear them, yet I don't want my time with the yarn to end. So, I pull them out and knit them when I need a treat. I put the travel bag in the picture because Cathy asked what our knitting bag(s) looked like in a current discussion from the Whenever group. So, I figured I'd start posting my knitting bag(s) here. I have a big one that I use as my purse too and smaller ones with different purposes. Their pictures will start appearing as I take them.

This is also my pink item for the ThinkPinkKnitalong. I also have somethng else that I'm working on thats pink. I'll leave that for another day too.

Two socks

I'm hoping these pictures are showing up ok. This is the first time I can't see them, so maybe I did something wrong?
(For picture see post from March 19th)

How did the other sock get done already? We have not even made it to family movie night! It seems I had lots of reading homework to do and a late night phone call from a friend. My son is very happy with them. I personally do not try to get the stripes to match on both socks. I think that if it is hand-knit, it should not be perfect. Gives it character. Do you notice though that he lined them up to match as he was standing? Maybe I need to ask if he wants them to match exactly next time? I also loved that the one toe is sewn up with the darker blue. Again that character thing.

Well, I have gotten a surprise visitor. So after some coffee and much loved adult conversation I will be back to write about the other 2 pictures I posted.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Why is it alone?

Why is this sock still alone? This is a sock for my son. I think I've been working on them forever. Ok, since last fall. My son has now grown quite a bit and it is almost spring. This might be a very good time to finish the socks twin.

1 Sock Posted by Hello
We got the yarn on our little mini-vacation last spring around this time. I bought it because it had orange in it and I'll admit, I was disapointed when I knit the sock to find that there was not as much orange as I had thought. But he still likes it and he will get to wear them very soon. The 2nd sock only needs the foot part. I think I forsee a family movie night Friday night, with a completed sock at the end.

That just leaves the question: why do they grow so quickly? And what will I do when he is taller than me? If my bestbud Dee is reading this: you may already have to face this issue. (Sorry girl, you know I love you).

The Hat

I've been busy trying to get well after finally starting antibiotics, catching up with school work (both mine and my kids), catching up with house work, and trying to knit. This is a hat I completed a month ago or so. It is for a friend of mine who told me he had been sick for a month. More than likely he wasn't wearing a hat, right? (The mommy in me speaking there). So I made him the same hat I made my brother, Dad, uncle and 1 son. They all really like it. Hopefully my friend will too.

Green Hat Posted by Hello

The hat was joined by Miss Thang. Other things have been completed too. I'll get their pictures up later. I'm finishing up a head band for my mother (to keep her warm) and trying to design a fun one for my buddy to just hold her hair back. First try went well, but the bind off is too tight. Right now it is being used as a ninja head band for my sons.

I need to finish organizing my knitting. I am still working on taking different sweaters apart and washing the yarn. From now on people can just gift me with old sweaters. I am enjoying this way too much. Besides the garter belt, my other planned project from the recycled yarn is a poncho for my niece's 10th birthday in April. Remember how exiting it is to finally turn 2 digits?