Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Comments, girlie things and green

I wanted to thank those of you who have left comments. I'm new to this, so I'm not sure if I am supposed to respond? But, I do get excited to read what you have to say. And thank you to knit at nite (perdrixgrise) for the tip regarding my problem getting pictures to show up!

Monday afternoon I received my 'bottle' from the Whenever sock group. (It's somewhat like the secret pal thing). It came in a green mini-tub. My sons were home and helped me open it. And oh my, I love girlie things and the color pink and Danielle spoiled me with both. My sons were a bit dismayed, but said it was "perfect for mommy".

Here's a few of the things that were in my treasure box:
- Sassy Stripes from Moda Dea; 2 skeins in Crush. I've been wanting to make a pair of socks out of this yarn.
- Super Socks from Mary Maxim; 2 skeins in Barbie!!
- A beautiful pin from Skein Lane; it says 'Knit Happy' and has a women on it. I think it's handpainted and it is beautiful.
- a little stone that appears to have yarn in it (pink) made by Robin Pascal. My friend and I had actually just been admiring these last weekend in one of the yarn shops.
- a tape measurer that is a sheep. It is very cute and the one I actually liked best. The site I linked does not have the sheep, but you get the idea of what I'm talking about.

I also got a lot of sweets, some other treats (with pink in them), and a great bag of eyelash yarn. It was so much fun and I've already enjoyed some of the chocolate...yummy! I hope that the person I'm sending a 'bottle' to will love hers just as much. I also need to finish the last thing I'm knitting for her with the yarn I bought this past weekend.

Today though is green knitting day. I suddenly realized that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and thought it would be very cool to knit something for the boys to wear to school. So, last night I pulled out a pair of green socks I had started for my youngest son 2-ahem years ago. Not sure why they never got done, except that I started getting a bit more 'professional' with my sock knitting? Anyways, they are a very quick knit, thick yarn and big needles. One is done and fits him and the other will be done by the time he comes home from school. He is excited. For my oldest I think I may knit a hat that will match his soon-to-be done green Einstein coat/sweater. (too bad I didn't make the connection and get the Einstein done!). I don't think this will take long and I had planned on making him the hat to match anyways. So, we will see if I can pass this challenge.

With that in mind, I best get knitting!


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