Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas #2

Here for their debut are the Christmas socks:

On the left is M and on the right is Q. How fun is it that their socks turned out slightly different? M thought his looked like a candycane. These were so fun to knit and because the yarn was an unexpected gift from my knitting buddy, they were a reminder of the many blessings I have in my life.
Here are Q's socks modeled by me (with the 3rd skein before it was knitted into M's socks):

Details: Lorna's Laces - Country Christmas yarn, size 1 needles. 64 stitches Q's socks and 52 stitches for M's socks. Knit toe-up, magic-loop style.
And to show you our 'country Christmas', here we are at our Christmas dinner:

My sister and her family couldn't make it this year and they were very much missed. You also can't see my Dad who was the man behind the camera.


Blogger jessica said...

Great socks! Love the colorway, on both socks! Its really neat how adding a few co sts makes them look so different. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas! Hope your having a Happy New Year!

5:01 PM  

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