Monday, December 19, 2005

My Saturday night of fun

It was a Saturday night in the midst of a busy season. There was so much do to and time just seemed to be slipping away. The list was slowly being checked off, yet temptations were everywhere. Perhaps it was the undeniable tiredness that was in the air, or the many games of Scrabble that seemed to cause my brain to get off track, but when this called my name:

I found myself caving. A night of indulgences seemed to be well deserved. Soon I found my fingers rolling the yarn into a ball, the vibrant colors lighting up the night:

My crochet hook found its way to the scrap yarn:

and the start of the process seemed to just appear:

The yarn magically starting forming the toe:

until it's shape could no longer be denied:

The stitches knew their purpose, playing along just right:

growing by the minute:

the truth was evident:

On this most perfect night, my son had once again beaten me at Scrabble.
(Many thanks to Jack the cat and M's fingers for their help in this story)


Blogger jessica said...

Love that yarn, what a fun colorway! It just makes me want to smile! Cute story too;-) take care!

1:54 PM  

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