Monday, November 14, 2005

24 hour meme

Jessica tagged me for this, which is exciting since it's my first time being tagged. Am I officially a real blogger now? hehe.
I had to think about this for a couple days though, because although some things are the same every day, alot of things change according to the day. (and if I work on that day or not)
So here goes:
12am - when M was a baby, he would awaken now
1 am - baby M would awaken again. Back in the day, this was my bed-time.
2 am - baby M would once again awaken
3 am -baby M would, yup awaken. Also at this time years ago, I ran over a mailbox. I was leaving a get-together with friends where, are you ready? there was no drinking. It took me years to live this down.
4 am - baby M would again awaken. Years ago, I remember going to Perkins a couple of times for breakfast after an all nighter with friends. I was never a club-going type of girl, so all nighters consisted of coffee houses, games at one of our homes, impromptu biblestudies, and lots of talking.
5 am - baby M knew how to read time young, as he awoke every hour, every night, the first year of his life
6 am - It was during this hour that my oldest son finally decided to be born, after almost 24 hours of labor. He was sunny-side up, making it a hard delivery. I will never forget holding him in my arms the very first time. He was the most gorgeous baby I had ever seen and I never wanted to let go of him. I still have those feelings.
7 am - This is the time our house awakens. During this hour we run around like the crazy non-morning people we are, trying desperately to remember how to dress ourselves, how to eat, and finally the race to the bus.
8 am - If I'm not working, this is the hour I drink my coffee and savor the silence while watching the Today show and checking e-mail, reading blogs, etc.
9 am - in the glorious days of the past, this was a great hour to awaken.
10 am - our cats are busy trying to take their morning nap, and are not very friendly if awoken.
11 am - hopefully if I'm home I've gotten lots of those little housework stuff done and I can sit down for an hour of lunch and download a sermon from my old home church.
12 noon - the hour that M was born after such a short labor that I barely made it to the hospital. Upon holding him in my arms the first time, I was utterly amazed that I was blessed with a 2nd gorgeous baby. Q on the other hand, refused to talk to me for a few days after M's birth, utterly dismayed that I had betrayed him by having another child. (He was 18 months old at the time..hehe).
1 pm - the hour that I was born. See, even back then I was not a morning person.
2 pm - during this hour I'm trying to prepare for the boys return. This involves mostly food-related things like getting plenty of snacks ready and making sure I know what I'm making for supper.
3 pm - my boys return and I try to stuff them with food while listening to the short grunts of what their day entailed. Homework and chores are also done during this hour.
4 pm - the boys get to watch some cartoons and I'm usually watching Gilmore Girls and knitting away. I love this hour. This is also the time that people will try to call me.
5 pm - I'm cooking supper and trying to keep the boys from eating. We then sit down together and eat. I try again to have them tell me about their day. Usually they are still not very forthcoming and the table time is spent with me observing boys being very silly. Lots of giggling and silliness.
6 pm - You all may laugh at me now: this is the time I usually get comfy and put my pjs on. If it's bath night, we start that now, because it will take us all evening to accomplish this.
7 pm - depending on the night we either watch TV or a movie and/or play games.
8 pm - the boys get their jammies on (notice this is 2 hours after mommy....hehe). Some nights there are frantic homework sessions as they realize that simply looking at the page did not make the homework miraculously appear. Once everyone is settled we read our nightly Bible chapter and story chapter.
9 pm - the boys are being tucked into bed, where nightly a miracle occurs. They suddenly both remember every detail of what went on during the day and need to tell me everything.
10 pm - I'm usually in bed by now surrounded by my books, magazines, crossword puzzles, knitting and watching Law & Order. Must try to do them all.
11 pm - If I'm not sleeping, I'm very close to it.


Blogger jessica said...

I see you too once had a period of life with not much sleep:-)

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