Friday, October 28, 2005

Finished socks, perfect heel, and magic needles

For some reason I can't upload pics right now. Arrgh. They will come later. So, let's talk about the needle saga that's been going on over here: I discovered socks on 2 circs last month; then 2 socks on 2 circs; then the lack of affordable circular needles in my area; waited (impatiently) for Susan Bates to send replacement needles; and then made a sensational discovery: Addi's on e-bay. Oh my! I bought a pair for super cheap and then taught myself socks on 1 circ.
Wow. It's been like walking into a secret world. Oh, I've heard others talking about Addi's, but I'm stubborn. I've read about the magic loop method, but again, I'm stubborn. Finally brought into this new way of doing things, I discovered that the Addi's are a dream and the magic loop way of doing socks was so easy to figure out. (Although I did not buy the book, so for all I know I'm doing it completely wrong). But the best part? Socks are being made at such an amazing speed! They just seem to appear from nowhere. I like this secret world....hehe.
2 pairs of socks are done. (1 sock has the perfect heel). 2 pairs of orange socks are frantically trying to arrive by Monday. Upon finishing the first orange sock for my youngest son last night, he looks at me and tells me he's can't wait to wear them to school today. My response? Darling, let's not push this magically new method into disrepair.
Oh and by the way: the new Susan Bates needles did arrive. The joint is just as bad as the ones I bought.


Blogger jessica said...

i love the birks, i really, really want a pair, or two:) wow you've been busy knitting socks, they're lookin good! Don't you just love the way addi's transition?! I think i am now an official addi snob... i want some in every size. *grin* i can't wait until another sock exchange, this time i can join and know what i'm doing!

12:10 PM  

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