Thursday, April 14, 2005

New yarn shop requires a new chenille scarf

Much to my amazement a new yarn cafe opened up in my town. I was in such amazement when I visited the yarn cafe on my last trip to my brothers and to think I can now drive down the road and find one! (sadly no fireplace in this new one, but then again I've got 2 at home). Tuesday I met my mom for lunch there. It was so much fun to sit and eat amongst yarn. They had so many cute decorating ideas that I would love to incorporate in my house.
As I was getting ready to 'meet' my new yarn store, I realized that I was attempting to dress up. Was I trying to impress the yarn? I also realized (again) that I keep giving everything away that I make. I need little scarfs, more poncho-type things, anything. I wear my knitted socks all the time, but I needed something more. So, I pulled out some hand-dyed chenille yarn I had gotten from e-bay last fall and a pattern from the internet and watched a couple of re-runs of Judging Amy and I have a new 'nice to meet you - new yarn shop' scarf.

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Blogger Momma22wildfires said...

You made me giggle with the "Was I trying to impress the yarn?" The cafe sounds like a neat little and yarn....could be very dangerous!

8:15 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Guten Tag Stricken M├Ądchen! I am your neighbor on the "Thrifty Knits" ring, and wanted to say hi! Your new scarf is HOT! Love the colors :)

Nice to meet you!

5:50 PM  

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