Monday, April 11, 2005

Einstein progress

This weekend was all about Einstein. I'm determined to get this sweater done. I had forgotten that sleeves that forever. Seriously. And my son was getting a little tired of trying the sweater on every 15 minutes, only to have his mother (me) mutter something about the impossibility that they didn't seem to be growing longer.
So, here is my progress picture. It is not the greatest, since it's a dark and rainy day out.

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I attempted to add pizzazz to this cardigan. 8 year olds like that. We found an orange zipper last week. I'm now trying to decide if I should add some kind of collar. He did say something about a hood yesterday. I think there will be a orange stripe on the bottom of the sweater too add a little length. (they were out of the 20in zipper, so we got the 22in. The boy is growing like crazy so it will hopefully fit him fine next year too).
He already has the matching hat, but I was told today that even after I took it apart and added more length, it is still not as long as he likes his hats. Isn't it fun to watch your kids grow up and develop their own likes and dislikes? And then the challenge becomes to help them develop their independence while still hoping they will be the one who thanks Mom after that big moment.


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