Saturday, March 03, 2007

Finding the beauty in what life brings our way

We have been enjoying a couple days at home watching the snow falling & then falling some more.
See our 'table cake'? (This morning I noticed my brother took a similar picture. Great minds think alike, huh?) Q enjoyed shoveling the snow into a snow fort:

Where's Q? Look for the blue, can you see his eyes peaking out of his hat? M thinks playing in the cold is insane & has been bundled up inside by the fire drawing his comic book. (it's not 'officially' out yet. Only I, the mother, am allowed to see it.)

And finally some knitting:

Here is the Shoulder Shawl (in Syrian pattern) from Victorian Lace Today before the border was added.
And with the border:

Isn't it amazing how much the border adds? I'm totally in love with this shawl. The kid silk spray was amazing to knit with. The shawl itself was a quick knit. This was the first shawl I didn't use lifelines with, because it would be easy to quickly see any mistakes. I also love the size of this shawl. Perfect to drape around my shoulders & not worry about it falling off. Thank you again Maureen for a great Christmas present!

Where do most people store their lace shawls? I hate to put mine in a drawer & usually find a spot in the house for them to lay. This one hangs on my living room rocker, allowing me to see it all day long. Yummy.

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Blogger Joseph & Elizabeth said...

Yay for snow and yay for your beautiful piece of work!

I just wanted you to know I check in here. I got your e-mail, too and still want to reply. I'm just a little slow sometimes.

Thanks for your prayers.

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I store my shawls (I have shawl knitting OCD) on a lingerie hanger with lots of little clips. I think it was originally intended to be used for hanging your dainties out to dry after you washed them by hand. It is a frame attached to a hanger with clips for your undies - or shawls, as the case may be. I keep mine in the closet.

1:05 PM  

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