Thursday, July 14, 2005

Recycle me

I love old, recycled things. My house is filled with things my family has handed down to me. I love the memories that come with these things. I enjoy garage sales and thrift stores. I always feel like I'm on a treasure hunt. So this past year, after losing the 50 pounds I gained returning to college 3 years ago, I realized I didn't have much to wear. Spending lots of money on clothes for me seems crazy, especially when I have 2 boys who are growing out of everything they own faster than I can replace it. And after buying a few tops at garage sales, I discovered that apparently others like to show their bellies or I am taller than most.
So what does a desperate to look half decent, yet stay within my spend no money lifestyle (hehe) Mom do? I take advantage of the big dollar sale at the local thrift store and buy sweaters that will become my new summer tops.
Here is sweater #1:

This was a Yarnworks, 100% cotton white sweater. Very soft and the yarn became even softer after I washed it. I used size 5 needles and knit it in the round. I took the idea from a pattern in Creative Knitting magazine (May 2005) and changed it to fit my measurements and gauge. It took me about a week to knit.

Here is a shot of me wearing it. This was taken during our picnic lunch with my Dad today. Excuse the weird look on my face. I was trying to look 'natural'. (??) I've worn it a couple of times and it has stretched and needs to be washed. So the fit is not as good as it was, but you get the idea. I have 3 other tanks that are in the process of being knit and I'm officially addicted to this recycled yarn thing.
And thank you so much Carrie and Jessica for the tips on how to put more than 1 picture in a post!


Blogger jessica said...

Nice tank! now that i'm not allowed to buy any more yarn for a while, i really should try recycling yarn... one of these days.

12:18 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Great tank! I love to recycle yarn--I have gotten some cool stuff at the thrift shop that still needs to be unraveled :)

Take care~ and enjoy the cute new tank :)

6:05 AM  
Blogger Amy Lu said...

What a resourceful knitter you are! I'm jealous! (although I'm not sure of what, that you've lost 50 lbs, that you've gone back to college, that your tall, or that you're just incredibly creative!)

11:40 PM  

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