Thursday, June 30, 2005


This week I've been trying to catch up with my energy and spend time with out-of-town relatives. I did finish my 'recycled' tank, knit from a cotton sweater I took apart. I am almost done with 4th of July socks for my oldest son. I've been trying to finish up some wedding gift knits. And I received an awesome prize package from Carrie. But have I taken pictures of any of that? No. (I will very soon take pictures!)
So instead you get this goofy pic of my sons. The pumpkin hats were a gift from one of my knitting buddies. The lady who knit them sadly passed away this spring.

This is after 'making' them sit on my parent's fireplace for pictures. Aren't my boys goofy?


Blogger Lauren said...

Kids are crazy! :) Now if you could just get them to sit still like that all of the time! :)

6:29 AM  

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