Monday, August 29, 2005

A story

This is a story about a pair of socks. Once upon a time there was a daughter and her mother. Her mother would always compliment the daughter on her knitting and loved to borrow the daughters knitted socks. The mother would wear them so proudly, the daughter finally asked the mother if perhaps she would like her own pair. Excitedly the mother asked for a pink cotton pair so that she could wear them in the summer too.
The daughter then went to meet her knitting buddies at her LYS (Local Yarn Store). Together they picked out some pink Fortissima cotton yarn. The daughter wanted these socks to last forever, so she looked for some size 0 needles. Sadly the LYS did not have any bamboo needles in that size, but they did have metal Skacel ones. The daughter gleefully purchased these items and started to knit her mother's socks.
Slowly it dawned on the daughter that she hated metal needles. She falsely believed she hated cotton sock yarn too, but that was proven false when she knit a pair with bamboo needles. Still the daughter knit on, telling herself that this was a labor of love. Afterall her mother had done sooo much for the daughter without asking for anything in return.
Then came the day when nearing the finish line, the socks were put in the corner. They sat there for 1 1/2 years.

Then one day the daughter pulled these socks out and decided to finish them. But she realized that she hated the metal needles even more now. So the daughter and the mother took a little trip and bought the bamboo needles that were not available locally:

The bamboo needles did there job well and the daughter finished the socks in an afternoon. The mother put the socks on and they fit perfectly:

The mother has not stopped wearing her new socks. The daughter buried the metal needles far, far away. (Ok, in a corner of her closet).
The end.


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Blogger jessica said...

What lovely socks! I still like bamboo:) but have you ever used addi turbos? they aren't just metal... they are nickle plated brass.(i keep telling myself that) Doesn't that make them seem nicer? *grin* and (they say) they make you Knit faster.
sorry for the comercial, i'm not trying to sell them or anything, i just recently found them and i'm a bit excited about them.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love those socks. Would you mind sharing the pattern or the name of it.

Thank you, Sheri

10:58 AM  

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