Friday, August 12, 2005

Surprise!! It's socks.

Thank you for to everyone who has been leaving me comments and compliments! To answer Pinkstockings: there are a couple of reasons for getting lots of socks made now: 1. I can not stand to be sitting anywhere without doing something. It drives me crazy. So I knit almost all the time (sitting at the park, doctors office, watching TV, reading e-mail, etc). 2. Because it's summer and it's hot, I'm now knitting socks pretty much exclusively. 3. School starts soon for the boys and I must make more socks for them. We all know that laundry sometimes only gets done once a week. 4. With my on-going health struggles, it comforts me to watch something beautiful appear from my hands. My various muscles are usually always sore, and I'm sure knitting contributes somewhat to that, but again....look at #1. I hate just sitting. 4. I'm secretly very afraid of making my Sockapoolza socks. (will they be 'good' enough? Will my sock pal like them? Am I choosing the right pattern or color?) So, I tell myself I'm practicing with all these other socks. (hehe)
On that note, look how my 'bottle' socks went wrong:

The sock underneath is the bottle sock. The one on top is a new sock for my oldest son. The bottle sock should be the same size, yet look at how much bigger it is. I'm sure it's the pattern, so these socks are put aside until I have a few quiet moments to find my brain and either change the pattern or find a new one. (those of you with boys know that a few quiet moments may not happen. ever.)
But my now very favorite way to make socks worked it's charm again and a sock found it's way to my son's foot:

Upon getting my camera out, he asked me why I always took pictures of his feet. I then of course had to break it to him that it was not his feet I was really after, but the sock.
I grabbed the 2nd ball to start the 2nd sock, and look what I found:

Ick. Right in the middle of the ball. This could cause a problem, since there was not much left over of the 1st ball of yarn.


Anonymous pinkstockings said...

I finally got my markers so I can work on your socks today! Wahoo!

I understand how you feel about your sock pal liking the socks you send.

Completly. ;)

8:29 PM  

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