Wednesday, July 27, 2005


My older sister has always been incredibly cool to me. She could get up in the morning and look way more put together than I ever did. I wanted to dress like her, to have my hair turn out great like hers always did, I wanted to become her best friend. We are now grown-up and raising our own kids. The younger/older sibling system has still remained. Does it ever leave?
Upon arriving at my brother's wedding, we realized we had picked similar outfits. No one believed we did not plan it. Is it proof that we are more alike than we thought?

(please excuse the fact that you have to look sideways. I'm guessing that while downloading all the wedding pictures, my head started spinning and this looked normal - therefore I didn't edit).
All this is leading somewhere. To my sister's birthday present in fact. I asked her what she would like and she told me a tablecloth for her incredibly loooong table. (Seriously think of the Batman movie with Kim Basinger/Michael Keaton. Remember the whole date across the table?). So I thought about her request and decided to make her socks. Makes sense, right? Ok the deal was that I had this yarn left over from knitting my niece a pair and bought an extra skein so that I could make my sister a matching pair. That was over a year ago.
Anyways, I got the yarn out and tried to figure out what pattern to use. I really like the Rib and Cables pattern from the Fall 2005 Interweave Knits and I came across the Whitby pattern from Knitting on the Road. I wanted to use 64 sts and neither pattern used that amount. So I decided to combine them in a way: *k2p1c4p1*. The cable was done every 6th row.
Here is 1 sock and a skein:

And since I did not post before I finished the other, here is the finished pair:

(Ignore the legs that need shaving and lotion). Like a true Lorna's Laces sock, I had fun watching the colors make their own design. And to make sure the sock stays up, I changed to ribbing towards the top:

See the little mini-cables in the ribbing? I did those every 4th row, but it should have been every 3rd row.
I had forgotten how much I love this yarn. It is very soft and yummy. I really like how the socks turned out too. I hope my sister loves them.


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