Saturday, July 08, 2006

I is for Independence

I need to catch up on my ABCs and my blog, don't I? (somehow I think I lost a post too...) Independence seems fitting for the letter I this time of year. It also is perfect for descriping what my now 14 year old niece is striving for:

(the picture shows 'growing-up-too-fast' niece with the blond hair & her cake. We also celebrated Z's birthday - she is in the background with candles still lit).

This family trip also allowed me to gift my sister her birthday shawl. (Fiber Trends Stars & Stripes. Knit with Wool in the Woods yarn: ballet in the color military blue.)

A quick closeup before I left. I didn't realize that the settings are off on my camera though & therefore it's blurry. Blocking this made me realize some things: I love lace & I want these.


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

the shawl is neat looking! love those stars!

1:11 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Great shawl!

5:14 PM  
Blogger E to the M said...

Beautiful shawl. I always swore I would never knit lace but the idea of watching it bloom during the blocking process is very appealing. Not yet though, I've been bitten by the sock bug.

2:15 PM  
Blogger renee said...

Very pretty shawl! And also very appropriate for this time of year.

4:28 PM  
Blogger lexa said...

Very nice shawl! Those wires would be nice.

12:16 PM  

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