Monday, June 05, 2006


School has ended for the year & summer vacation has begun. The time for Saturdays all week long (according to Q) & finally being able to watch Mr. Rogers every day (that's M). I've recently started thinking about what summer vacation means. I have memories of being lazy, playing with my toys all day long, reading while laying in the grass, biking with friends, & my favorite: sleeping in. I loved summers & have tried to recreate this fun for my sons. They are involved in a daily (but optional to them) neighborhood park program, which allows them to do the sporty things their mother is just not gifted in. We try to take small trips to see my siblings, the boys join my parents at their cabin, & day trips to a lake for a swim are also a favorite. Our summers are usually carefree, spontaneous, & fun.
I'm curious as to what others think about summers? Do you plan lots of activities for your kids (or yourself)? What are some of your favorite summer memories?
(the picture shows the boys talking today. I came out to hear them talking about how tax is cheaper in Tennessee. Thinking their report cards did not lie & I do indeed have the smartest kids around, I casually asked what they were talking about. Well, umm, apparently they are trying to figure out a way to get a Nintendo DS cheaper. The things boys discuss....)


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I love summer if for no other reason than it's a break from the long, long winters in Vermont. Now that I work full time summer is a challenge, I want to be able to spend extra fun time with Elah but find scheduling a challenge. She's enrolled in a summer day camp, she'll spend time camping with my mom, I'll take a week of in the middle of July to spend with her and then she'll spend a week with her dad and stepmom when their Fresh Air kid comes up for a visit. Whew, sometimes it seems like there's more scheduling in the summer. We do, however, manage to swin a lot.

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