Thursday, May 04, 2006

Knitters are the best!

It's amazing how 2 packages came this week at what seemed like perfect times. On Monday my final SP package came. I was literally speechless. My Secret Pal was Emily & she did such an awesome job spoiling me! In my final package she found pictures of my favorite cartoon, the German Biene Maja. (Love those!). She also included some very yummy yarn: Debbie Bliss merino aran (I've never owned any Debbie Bliss yarn, just dreamed of the day) & Schachenmayr Catania Color (which I think is perfect for a summer tank). (there was actually more skeins than in the picture, but some are spread throughout the house so I can dream & pet them.) I was absolutely speechless with how much she spoiled me throughout SP & amazed at how well she picked things out for me! Emily, thank you so much. I'm really disappointed that you didn't win Best Secret Pal though(I nominated you).
Then today I returned from one of my many daily trips to M's school & found a package. I wasn't even expecting my sockapaloooza socks & was so excited to see them! They are absolutely gorgeous! I put them on & could only bear to take 1 off to take pictures. They fit perfectly! (this is where you ask why I didn't take a picture of the socks on my feet, right? Apparently I was too excited to think logically. I will post pictures soon though of me wearing them.)
My sock pal was Sherry. Look at all the fun things she included in the package too! Thank you so much Sherry! I will wear these socks a lot. The really ironic thing is that I almost bought Socks on the Go 2 for this pattern. Having them knit for me is so much better. ;-)

M is doing better. He is back in school this week & has got lots of teachers & staff looking out for him. (seriously we are spoiled with a great school!) He has his moments where he doesn't want to do shots & finger pricks for the rest of his life, but who wouldn't? He can now check his blood sugar by himself (except for the 2am one, which he sleeps through) & has considered giving himself his shot, but then the actual movement of putting that needle in his own skin makes him give it back to me. (he can't see the needle with the fingerpoking pen.) I'm just so thankful we live in a time where giving insulin is a possibility! So in between driving back & forth to his school 3x a day, learning how to control his blood sugars, & figuring out all the carb counts (which controls the amount of insulin he gets), it was so incredibly refreshing to receive these 2 incredible packages! Thank you Emily & Sherry!


Blogger E to the M said...

Knitters are the best, it's true. I had a great time being your SP and eventhough I was going to sit the next one out on the bench I signed up again. You haven't seen the last of me. :)

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