Friday, September 09, 2005

All grown-up?

Strange things are happening around here. Grown-up things. And they are being done by me! One example: this year, partly due to my own desire to hold onto my youngest just a wee bit longer, I have agreed to stand outside with my boys while they wait for the bus. I go out there, in my PJs, messy hair and my cup of coffee, and say hi to the neighbors, wave to the busload of kids that drive by and smile at the commuters as well. (we live on a busy-for-our-neighborhood street). Now this would have horrified me not that long ago, but now it barely fazes me.
So, I do believe my theory that you don't officially become an adult until you turn 30 is proving itself true. Another example is that your memory, umm, seems to fade quickly. You start forgetting things. Like maybe checking to see if the picture of the sweater you are about to take apart, actually turned out:

Oops. Then maybe you forget for, let's say a month, to have someone take a picture of you wearing the tank you made from the sweater. I think in realitythat I, deep down, wanted to pose this tank on the wonderful pink chair I inherited from grandmother. Yup, I did.

But, I did remember to get a close-up of the stitches. I just may have forgotten to make sure it was in focus:

And then seriously, who wants to get up and re-take pictures? I'm a grown-up now. I've got lots of other grow-up stuff to do. Like finish my sockapalooza socks. Take a shower. Do laundry.
maybe I'll just play a little bit today and finish my sockapalooza socks while watching a movie. I am afterall only 30 and a few months.


Blogger Lauren said...

Lovin' the pink knits over here, Madchen ;)

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