Tuesday, September 06, 2005


For the 1st time in months, I drank my morning coffee without interruption. I showered without hearing 'Mom!'. And I will be going to the grocery store alone.
Yup, it is the 1st day of school here. The boys enjoyed a last lazy day yesterday, while I finished getting all the school stuff done:

That is pencil case #2. (I'm getting the bug to embroider more, especially after seeing the beautiful things that Amanda does).
And while my youngest was ready to end his 2nd grade career before even starting it, some fast talking got them both ready and out the door:

Let's see, which one is a morning person? M was making a face, because he was 'freezing'. Q was all happy because it was warm enough to go without a sweater. Silly boys. Then they waited patiently for the bus with the other kids (who are hidden in this picture):

And before anybody had to time to get anxious, the bus took them away:

And just like that the 1st day of school has started.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is the first day of school over here too.the house is so quiet !
earth mother

11:23 AM  

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