Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Vacations and memories

This past week/weekend my parents went to their cabin. They took my oldest son along with them and were joined there by my brother and his wife. My youngest son, grandmother, and I joined them on Sunday for a bit. It's always fun to see everyone and having my grandmother along made it very special. (I will also admit that I had to go see my son, whom I missed alot!!!)
Here we are (minus my mother who was taking the picture):

We were roasting marshmallows. Certain ones did not pass my youngest sons inspections:

How funny is he?
This week I have also been sorting through old boxes. I was delighted to find the box of my old baby clothes/doll clothes. My brother and sons did not share in my excitement, so I will share some of the clothes with you:

The two dresses I wore as a child. They are hand-embroidered. Isn't that little pink bootie cute?

I love all these little booties that someone made for my dolls. (I'll have to ask my mom who that was). The set on the left are rollerskates with pom-poms. I love the dirndle - another example of my roots in Germany/Austria.

And here is proof of my early knitting. I made the top one and the one on the right. The white one on the left someone else made for me (when I was a baby). That one has matching bottoms, which I guess I forgot to add to the photo. Notice the top one has 3 cables. Who knew I knew could cable that young?
I'll leave you with a beautiful view of the sunset at the cabin. I only wish I would have included one of the socks I'm working on in the picture. (hehehe - think Yarn Harlot).


Blogger Lauren said...

What precious little baby clothes! That is so neat that you still have those!

I love the look on your son's face with the burnt marshmallow ;)

Have a good one!

9:55 AM  

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