Wednesday, March 30, 2005


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And here is a picture of the 1st completed sock. Both of the socks are actually finished now. I took these pictures 2 days ago. I really liked this yarn. It was so quick to knit and fun to watch how the pattern took shape. The yarn is not sewn in, because at the time I was unsure if I was going to add a little more to the top. I have since chosen not to.
I pulled out some Lorna's Laces I have in my stash and wanted to start another sock for me. Then I pulled out the Mountain Colors Bearfoot that was the reason for wanting to learn toe-up. I was excited, had lots of ideas and plans. Then I realized that I need to finish my son's Einstein so he can wear it before it's too warm. And I have a couple socks who need a partner. And I may have promised my younger son another pair of socks made from Encore, cause they slide better. There are also some gifts to be finished or made.
I then realized something else. Part of the reason I love knitting is that fresh, creative, 'I can do it all and finish by tonight' feeling that I get when I start a project on the spur of the moment. It's exciting. But then I look at my feet as they are enjoying their new, finished creation and I realize that it's even more of an accomplishment to finish what I started. When I do it brings a new excitement (occasionally even easier breathing to finally have that off the needles). The finished piece allows me to give a piece of myself to someone, to say 'I love you' everytime they put it on, to let them know they are important to me. It speaks much louder than words.
So, tonight I will keep working on my son's Einstein sweater. There must be a good show on somewhere...


Blogger Marguerite said...

What is that red and pink yarn? Gorgeous! And I think it's just what I need for my daughter's birthday socks.

Here's hoping you know what it is and that it's still available . .


6:33 PM  

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