Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter weekend

What a fun weekend it was! My sons and I watched a marathon on Saturday . (gasp!). We "discovered" the Kids Discovery channel last week and found we are like it. During this time I was able to knit a new washcloth out of Euroflax Linen yarn. I had made one a while ago and just started using it and love it! So, I wanted to make another one out the multi-color yarn I had bought awhile ago. The first color I bought was a solid blue to match my then blue cupboards. Then I found a multi-colored one with the same blue in it. I wish this yarn was not so expensive, but I should get at least 3 more out of the yarn I still have left over from the 2 colors.
The rest of the weekend was spent coloring eggs, playing outside, going to church, yummy Easter dinner, and searching for eggs. (And knitting of course!)
I also watched the old movie Easter Parade. I'm a sucker for old movies and loved this one.


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