Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Certain things in life make living much better. You know: chocolate, babies, hearing 'I really like you Mom', yummy yarn, coffee with friends, etc. Then there are special people in your life who make life more fun. Topping that list are my own sons and my nieces. Yes, those beautiful girls who still think I'm cool, while my always cool sister is suddenly 'Mother'. (you remember what those pre-teenage and teenage years were like). Well among the long list of reasons why it's great to have both of them in my life is the fact that I get to knit these awesome girly things for them. In fact they will even request things at times.I think that when family requests things, it's a good sign. (By the way, anybody have a pattern for knitted shoes?).
So here is one of the many things I have knit for them. It's the Lacecap from Knitty.

Here is a shot of the top. (look below for another shot of the hat). This one of a couple purple knits for my youngest niece's birthday. (They are all purple, cause this old aunt forgot her 2nd favorite color). What fun this was to knit! My other niece has a birthday next month and her favorite color is pink. Believe me, I waited years for her to come to this color and I did a happy dance upon hearing.
Here's to nieces. The girls you can forever be the cool one with, talk boys with, spend hours playing sims (while the rest of the family fails to understand the bonding that takes place during this time), watch Gilmore Girls together, shop with, and of course teach them how to knit.


Blogger Lauren said...

Aww! What a great entry! I love my little nieces to pieces! :)

Very pretty lace hat--I don't rememver seeing that one before! Thnaks for pointing it out!


7:36 AM  
Anonymous Lynne said...

What a great hat! I long to knit little girl things some day. You are so fortunate!

8:09 PM  

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