Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wedding beginnings

My big brother is getting married next month. My whole family is thrilled and thanking our lucky stars that he picked a truly wonderful girl. And much to my amazement they picked my youngest son to be their ring boy. He is so excited and is taking his task really serious. I took him to get measured for his tux yesterday. A tux! My kid! And true to his self, my older son sighed and was incredibly thankful that he will not have to go through this ordeal of tux wearing. Amazing how different kids can be.
Realizing that I needed to get going on my wedding knitting (meaning that I needed to stop swatching with various yarns and get a move on it), I started the garter. The bride's favorite color is red, so I used that (my son's bathrobe) as a background for the progress pic. The garter will also have a red ribbon through the top.

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Can you see the leaves? I hope that she likes it. She liked the pattern, but I still have the knitter insecurity thing going on. We are keeping it a secret from my brother. (hehe).


Anonymous Becky said...

Michelle the garter is looking great! And the leaves are very pretty. (and yes we can tell they are leaves silly). Cant wait to see the finished item!

1:56 PM  

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