Saturday, May 14, 2005

The things we do

So I thought I'd attempt to change things on my blog, only I forgot that I should know what I'm doing first. I like the look better and am going to attempt to add the things I lost.
In knitting news: I'm almost done making a pair of socks for my youngest son. I had no luck finding the Lily Chin shawl pattern here in town, so I bought a big book of different stitch patterns at Joann's (with 40% of coupon, gotta love those). I seem to think I'm capable of writing my own shawl pattern. I also have no idea why this seemed easier (faster maybe?) than ordering the LC pattern on-line.
By the way, go check out Amy Lu's blog. She has a picture of her LC shawl in progress. And she has the same saying that I just copied onto my blog at the bottom. (one of the many great ones I found in the Weekend knitting book).
At the moment I have way too many projects on needles: a wedding/ring lace pillow for my brother's wedding; mountain color bearfoot socks; game bag from weekend knits; Phoebe-Bamboo; 2 tank tops - both of which are knit in the round up to the neckline; headband for Dee; ribbon scarf or Dee; Shoalwater shawl - which I started in Helen's Lace, but I'm not sure I like the pattern for this yarn; and some socks for my mother. Yikes. I should put a chart on here or by my desk to show my progress and inspire to finish these things.
Now I'm going to do more housework and attempt to work on my blog some more.


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