Sunday, May 01, 2005

Cooking too?

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This is my younger son. He is determined to become the chef in the house. His pancakes were delicious and quoting his older brother: "Better than mommy's". ;-)
What does this all mean now? While the boys take over my kitchen, I can sit by the perplexed cats and knit away. Can it get any better?


Blogger Felicia said...

How much to do you charge to rent out said good sons???? Please, send them by my house! I have a big barrel grill if they'd like to cook over an open flame, we have lots of dishes, laundry, big yard needing to be mowed. . .

You could start a Rent-A-Son business!!!

Better yet, a Rent-A-Son-So-You-Can-Knit business!

You must feel good knowing they are using their "life skills," and will be able to survive on their own. Well, grilled cheese sandwiches made with the iron aren't all that bad!

8:13 PM  

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