Friday, April 22, 2005

The stitch gone wrong

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There it is. Gleefully out of place. Snickering that I had gone this far without noticing it. I tried putting it out of sight, tried ignoring it, tried to tell myself that it added to the design. None of these things worked. So, I tried to find another Phoebe on-line with a flaw. They were all perfect.
So, Phoebe-Bamboo is no more. I could have tried just going back to that row, but honestly that is how naughty stitch got there in the first place. (When I was trying to redo the edge that had been just a little off, not even that bad).

I will cast on for the new Phoebe-Bamboo tonight during Family Movie Night. I am exited to see this done.


Blogger Wendi said...

Maybe you shouldn't rip it out. I can't see it, even when I'm trying to find it!
I forgot to tell you thanks for sharing the bunny pics. I had to call my children to the computer to come play "I spy" with the picture. What a shame that they've already left the nest! I'm amazed that your son was able to see them without stepping on them first!

2:03 PM  

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