Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Hat

I've been busy trying to get well after finally starting antibiotics, catching up with school work (both mine and my kids), catching up with house work, and trying to knit. This is a hat I completed a month ago or so. It is for a friend of mine who told me he had been sick for a month. More than likely he wasn't wearing a hat, right? (The mommy in me speaking there). So I made him the same hat I made my brother, Dad, uncle and 1 son. They all really like it. Hopefully my friend will too.

Green Hat Posted by Hello

The hat was joined by Miss Thang. Other things have been completed too. I'll get their pictures up later. I'm finishing up a head band for my mother (to keep her warm) and trying to design a fun one for my buddy to just hold her hair back. First try went well, but the bind off is too tight. Right now it is being used as a ninja head band for my sons.

I need to finish organizing my knitting. I am still working on taking different sweaters apart and washing the yarn. From now on people can just gift me with old sweaters. I am enjoying this way too much. Besides the garter belt, my other planned project from the recycled yarn is a poncho for my niece's 10th birthday in April. Remember how exiting it is to finally turn 2 digits?


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