Monday, February 21, 2005


Being sick and being a mommy do not mix well. On the other hand, being sick and having mommy take care of you is the best. Sadly, I've outgrown the last one. This year the bug that went around was a bad one. 2+ weeks and its still hanging on. Yuck.

Because my camera died this weekend, I decided to post some about those who got me excited about knitting blogs. Kerrie was one of the first blogs I started reading regularly. I love her creativity and hearing about her adorable kids. Laura's blog caught my attention at first because we are the same age. Her girls are seriously cute. I enjoy reading Emma's blog. Her heart amazes me and I love to hear about her chick. (Love the fact that she calls her son that!). She always writes about the most amazing things too. Currently I am drooling over the Broadripple socks she is knitting. The colors in her sock are very nice. I've knit 3 pairs from this pattern and really like it.

This is the pattern for the pillow I made for my future sister-in-law. I ended up using Yarn Bee Eyelash yarn in flame and really like that yarn. I was very happy that Hobby Lobby had this yarn on sale last week and it only took 2 skeins, not the 3 the pattern called for (this yarn has more yardage than Fun Fur). This is also the softest eyelash yarn I've knit with so far. Although Berroco Sizzle is not far behind.

I also bought 2 skeins of Lion Brand Colorwaves while I was at Hobby Lobby. It was also on sale and so cost me a little over $4 for both. I'm almost done knitting Sally Melville's Shape it! Scarf with it. I like the colors in the Colorwaves yarn, yet it snags a lot which disappoints me. I was hoping to give it as a gift, but now I'm wondering if I should. I made this scarf for my mom for Christmas using Crystal Palace chenille yarn and it turned out very yummy and soft.

I was going to write more about cheap vs. luscious yarns, lack of yarn moneys due to going back to college when you are in your late 20s and divorce in your early 20s, and my love of e-bay. But, this has already been my longest entry so far and I'm ready to lay down again. It's not fun being sick.

I'll end with this. Milinda is very pretty, isn't she?


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