Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Just another Tuesday

Finally decided I would just go for it and start a blog to tell about my knitting. I've been knitting since 3rd grade, with a break to do the teenage thing and then to have kids. Now the 2 things that define me (besides my beautiful children) are knitting and the color pink.

Today's agenda includes trying to find something to knit for my soon-to-be 1st sister-in-law. My brother got engaged to his girlfriend yesterday (Valentines Day) and they are hoping to come up and visit us this weekend. So, I thought I'd try to find something quick to knit, that could 1. Be a great memory of the exciting occasion and 2. Welcome her into the family. I will just ignore the fact that the socks I promised him for Christmas are still not done. Or maybe just go and finish those too?

Hopefully I will figure out how to post pictures on here too. It might help to actually just look for instructions. Hmmm, a new thought.

Ok, more at another time.


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