Monday, May 30, 2005

Gotta show the shawl again

My shawl is dry and I'm in love. I think what makes it much more special is that another knitter picked this yarn out just for me. She saw it and thought of me. I searched for the perfect pattern and now when I wear it, it will remind of the kindness and generosity of friends.

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(There is a picture below that shows a close-up.) Thank you for the compliments.
And Lauren, the garter belt pattern is from Lily Chin as well. (wedding accessories from Fiber Trends). It took me 3 Gilmore Girls episodes to knit. My soon to be sister-in-law is tiny, her garter needed to be 16 inches. Yes. Umm, let's go measure our thighs and wow! But it's a quick pattern and I wish I had reason to knit more. They would be fun to sell.
I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! Amazingly enough, IK has there Fall preview on-line. I like the socks. I may save my Mountain colors yarn for these.


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