Saturday, July 16, 2005


The last few days I started some socks for myself and have been planning my Sockapolooza socks. I've decided on the pattern for my pal:

I've also narrowed down the yarn I want to use. Of course the yarn is not available here in town, but I have a few road trips and a mini-vacation coming up that will include searching for this yarn. More on that later.
The fun part of planning these socks is that I know that somebody (Hi pinkstockings!!) is making socks for me. I'm so excited (you know that Tom Cruise - jump on couches - kind of excited).
My older son choose a more subdued way of showing his excitement about his new socks. Here he is standing by the couch:

(Fortissima Colori yarn; size 1 needle; 64 sts). These were first introduced way back in June. They went with me through all the wedding preparation and were finally finished on July 3rd. They have already been worn a few times, leaving this mommy wondering how her boy can wear wool socks in the summer.
That is, of course, part of the reason that these socks were created:

(Regia plus cotton yarn; size 1 needle; 64 sts). Here you can see the socks being put to good use. He loves them alot and upon showing Opa (my Dad) his socks, he offered Opa a pair knit by me. Yes, I've become a sock machine. This was further proved when, while shopping in Target this week, my younger son walked by the sock aisle and stated: "We don't need these socks Mom, we have you. You make the best socks, don't you Mom?". Did you catch that? At 6 he has learned how to charm his way into my heart and get hand-knit socks while he's at it.
So, I've got a pair started for my charmer. They are red and I will use the great Chutes and Ladders pattern from Six-Sox knitalong. I should get lots done today, since we are on our way to the beach/lake. Check out the view I had last week:

It's my charmer trying to build a sand castle.


Anonymous pinkstockings said...

Hmm, so you like recylced items? OK, now I need to know how you feel about hand washing?

(I keep chaning my mind!)

Oh, I do like the way your six year old charmed his momma! Too cute.

10:17 PM  

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