Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Simple pleasures

I believe it's the little things that make life fun. The unexpected phone call from a friend to just say Hi; a chocolate gifted to you by your equally chocolate-loving son; the surprise change of a lock to make it easier for the boys to get into our courtyard (thanks Dad!). Today was one of those days that had lots of little surprises. A picnic lunch with my Mom, and she brought brownies for desert (yummy); discovering a box of old, once too small clothes that fit me now again; my Dad stopping by for supper and fixing my bedroom fan. Now upon fixing this fan, he needed to move my yarn shelf (converted from the old shoe shelf that used to be in my walk-in closet). Behind it he found this:

Knocked over I'm sure by Miss Thang (our cat) herself. As my Dad picked it up, he said: "One of your skeins fell back here." Not only did he pull out an Opal skein, but he called it that!! Seriously, remember those days when you were a little girl and you thought your Dad was the best, coolest man in the world? It was one of those moments. Of course the fact that I was so excited and couldn't even remember that I had this yarn - as I was near singing and crying out of pure joy, probably made him worry a bit about me.
Then as I was watering my plants, I discovered my 1st strawberry!

Let me warn you - I'm a knitter, not a gardener. My garden is a result of my father taking pity on me and planting beautiful flowers. I'm doing my best not to kill any of them.

This is my boys at the park today. They were thrilled to discover someone had left an empty box there. The simple pleasures of life.


Blogger jessica said...

How cool to find yarn you forgot you even had! Ahh... to put more than one picture on a post is a bit time consuming but not hard at all. after posting the pictures on your blog go back to blogger and edit posts. save each one as a draft. then right click next to the picture and click on select all. hit control copy then go back(edit posts) to the post you are doing the writing in and hit control paste wherever you want the picture:) i hope that helps and isn't too confusing. let me know if it works. good luck!

11:05 PM  
Blogger Amy Lu said...

Yeah, what she said!

Thanks for the idea! I already started a little scarf, but it will require a second skein. I'm going to check it out, I think I've seen that book around...


11:45 PM  
Anonymous Lynne said...

And reading your post this morning was one of the isimple pleasures...thanks!

5:34 AM  

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