Thursday, February 24, 2005

The possibilities.....

The silk sweater is no more. Here is the beginning of the hanks evolving from it.

small skeins of silk yarn Posted by Hello

The little one in front is 6 yards. Isn't it cute? The other ones are between 30-40 yards. Altogether I will have 800+ yards of 100% silk yarn. Not bad for a $1 sweater, huh? The yarn is 4-ply. I think for the garter belt (which will be the first project with this yarn), I will divide those and only use 2. Otherwise it would be too thick. And with the rest of the yarn? Maybe a shawl? Gloves? The possibilities have just begun.

I did take pictures of the sweater before, but due to my sinus infection eating my brain, I have no idea where I saved the picture. Hopefully I'll be able to post it soon.

I have unraveled a couple of other sweater these last couple of days. Great thing to do while studying. Those yarns will make their debut soon. I'm hooked. Great yarn at a cheap price? Why did I not think of this earlier?


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