Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Old Treasures

I stopped in a local thrift store yesterday and was handed a dollar sale paper. Sweaters were included in this sale, so I walked over to the clothes section.

A little background before I venture further into my story. I have read about others recycling sweaters and my interest peaked. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a couple old sweaters from another thrift store and without looking at the wonderful posted directions on how to take apart a sweater, I gleefully went at it. What is left of one of the sweater is now in a bag on top of my laundry room cupboards. I realized that day that direction are good. I also thought this recycling business was just not meant for me.

But yesterday I discovered a Dale of Norway sweater. And then I discovered some 100% wool sweaters. And then I discovered my treasure. An off-white 100% silk sweater. I was hooked. I wanted back in.

What will this sweater be? Well, thanks to great advice from another knitter, I wanted to make my soon-to-be sister-in-law a garter belt for her wedding. I had thought I could combine the something blue, new, and old. The ribbon could be blue, the knitted garter belt could be new, and I was trying to decide where to find used yarn for the old. My problem is solved and I'm so excited.

My dad is being very generous and bringing his camera over tonight, so I can take pictures. So, either tonight or tomorrow night I will have pictures to post. I'll also post pictures of the now successfully taken apart wool sweater. I was able to do it!


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