Monday, April 25, 2005

Corner issue

Posted by Hello
I followed the Shapely Tank pattern. (modified it a bit to fit). But the short-row corners turned out really weird. Do you see how they stick out? I will see if blocking it will fix it. Otherwise I'll have to get creative. Any ideas?
I also still need to put some edging for the collar and by the arms. I'm off to a conference tonight though. I'm just tickled pink that it fits so well. (ok, lame joke).


Blogger Lauren said...

I wish I knew how to help... but I don't...

if it were me, I was just hold my hand over it all day or wear a purse right there... :) I am sure it is not THAT noticeable!

I love the faded colors--what yarn is that?


7:14 PM  

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