Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Quiz time

Which flock do you follow?
You are a -
Hippy Sheep!
Peace dude, flower power, ban the bomb... more grass please.

this quiz was made by alanna

Since I'm not feeling too well, here is a quiz! lol. Not sure if it fits me though. I've never done drugs and I'm quite the conservative boring person. But it's a fun quiz.

Not much knitting getting done. I did finally get my copy of the Interweave Knits on Monday. I started the little capelet that is actually advertising the new Goddess yarns. I got some Goddess yarn (in the mint color - #8361) on e-bay not that long ago and have been incredibly anxious to start this capelet. It's a different yarn than the pattern call for, but at 100% Pima Cotton it should be nice for spring and summer. It's an easy knit and will be nice to wear in the summer. I made a mistake on one side of the edges, but decided not to frog it. Lazy? Perhaps. But, since I'm over halfway done and I have many more projects and this is just for me... lol. See how I'm trying to rationalize this? I'm just so excited to see it done.


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