Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So many treats!

I'll start with telling about the wonderful weekend I had. I went out of town and got to meet my brother's fiancee's family. My brother rented a room in this little coffeeshop (right next door to a Birkenstock store..Oh my!). We had the most delicious cake and fun getting to know each other. Then we got the incredible privilege of going to the bridal shop and seeing the bride try on dresses. She will be a very beautiful bride!
My son got sick, so that was a bummer. Poor guy was so stuffed he could hardly breath. We spend as much time as possible with Dee, who spoiled us rotten with Christmas presents. She gave me the new game that I secretly love. Wow! Plus a movie with my crush. (It's fun to have a friend who helps you enjoy the non-adult part of yourself, right?)
I was able to get to 3 yarn shops, even though Dee told me only 1. Hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, right? I found the few items I was hoping to get for my bottle buddy (part of the Whenever sock group on Yahoo - see sidebar), as well as new yarn to remake the item I wanted to include, but my mother bought and gave to my brother's soon-to-be mother-in-law. This yarn works better for the person I'm sending it to, so it was a good thing.
I enjoyed looking at all the yarn and little fun things in the yarn shops. I bought some Alpaca yarn for Dee to make her a pair of Eric's Glovelets. I made myself a pair out of Silke-Tweed and I love them. I bought her the vivid lilac color, which looks pink. The yarn shop I found it in only had 1 skein of this pink, and then some brown, black, and white. I knew I would have to make myself another pair with this scrumptious yarn, but figured I'd wait (lack of the color and thinking I really should not spend money for stuff for me). Then Dee and I went to a new Yarn Cafe that had opened near-by. I wish I could have had more time in that store! They had a fireplace going and lots of really nice knitters surrounded by yarn, yarn, and more yarn. They had a huge selection of the Blue Sky alpaca. Dee picked out a different color for her mitts, leaving the pink for me. Sigh. Could it get any better?
The time was too short, and I debated kidnapping Dee and bringing her back home with me. I enjoyed seeing my brother so happy with life and again realized how lucky our family is with his choice of his soon-to-be wife. And it's always fun to take trips with my parents. Lack of sleep, sick child, and the inability to see everyone I wanted to are just part of life.
I also got my bottle! I am overwhelmed with all that I got and how so much of it was things I really wanted, but would never have bought for myself. I will post about those things tomorrow. I need to go and do laundry and other things before the boys get home from school.


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