Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Pictures are just not working. And I just made the idiotic move of losing the post I just wrote.

The picture I tried posting today is of the socks that I'm making for my oldest son now. He loved the pair I just finished and reminded me had outgrown all the others I've made him in the past. Then he spied the yarn my knitting buddy just gave me. She had gotten it in Germany (where I grew up) when she was visiting. He said this was a 'fun' pair. I'm almost to the heel now and they are turning out really nice. I like the colorway alot.

I'm also trying to finish his Einstein coat before we leave for a little out-of-town trip this weekend. My poor younger son is patiently waiting for me to find the blue yarn (that, ahem, he lost) so I can start his spiderman socks. He has also designed the next sweater he wants me to make for him. Not bad for a 6 year old, huh? We are using recycled yarn from old sweaters and just need to find an old orange one to complete the design colors.

I'm anxiously counting the days until this weekend. I will finally get to see my bestbud Dee! I've already forwarned her that I plan on going to at least 3 yarn shops. She told me I could pick 1. Sigh. Maybe we can settle on 2? It's so fun to just browse and look and dream. I need to use more of my 'stash' yarn before buying new yarn. But, I would like to find some Crystal Palace double points and perhaps some little cute knicknack stuff for my bottleswap partner.

This morning I read Erica's blog and loved her pictures and describtion of her weekend. I grew up in Germany (and Austria) and have not been back in 15 years. I miss it alot. Check out her pictures and her yarn finds. And then drool with me over the chocolate and gummies they ate. If you scroll down a little you can also find adorable pictures of her children. (look at cute baby Conner!).


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