Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Why is it alone?

Why is this sock still alone? This is a sock for my son. I think I've been working on them forever. Ok, since last fall. My son has now grown quite a bit and it is almost spring. This might be a very good time to finish the socks twin.

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We got the yarn on our little mini-vacation last spring around this time. I bought it because it had orange in it and I'll admit, I was disapointed when I knit the sock to find that there was not as much orange as I had thought. But he still likes it and he will get to wear them very soon. The 2nd sock only needs the foot part. I think I forsee a family movie night Friday night, with a completed sock at the end.

That just leaves the question: why do they grow so quickly? And what will I do when he is taller than me? If my bestbud Dee is reading this: you may already have to face this issue. (Sorry girl, you know I love you).


Blogger Nyxxie said...

That sock looks wonderful!

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