Friday, March 04, 2005

Something pink

(For picture see March 19th post)
Here are my socks. Well, the start of what will be the socks. The 2nd start in fact. The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot. The yarn is wonderful and I love, love to knit with it. My knitting buddy brought it back from Stitches for me. She picked it out because of the pink in it. How lucky am I? The first attempt at knitting these socks had to be frogged. I was using a pattern that used alot of yarn and realized as I was nearing the toe that I would not have enough yarn left for both socks. So, I frogged it and divided the yarn into 2 balls. Now if I runout this time, I will have to use some other yarn I have around for the toe or something like that.

This sock usually travels with me in its travel bag that you can see behind it. I want to finish these and wear them, yet I don't want my time with the yarn to end. So, I pull them out and knit them when I need a treat. I put the travel bag in the picture because Cathy asked what our knitting bag(s) looked like in a current discussion from the Whenever group. So, I figured I'd start posting my knitting bag(s) here. I have a big one that I use as my purse too and smaller ones with different purposes. Their pictures will start appearing as I take them.

This is also my pink item for the ThinkPinkKnitalong. I also have somethng else that I'm working on thats pink. I'll leave that for another day too.


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