Thursday, March 10, 2005

Long time waiting

I think pictures are working! I'll start with the picture of Weekend Knitting. I have wanted this book for ages. But I cannot bring myself to spend $25 on a book. So, after what has seemed like years, I finally found one to suit my budget on e-bay. I'm loving it. My youngest son has wanted me to make him the game bag for a long time too. (we love to go to Barnes and Noble and sit for hours).

It's been a busy, but fun week. The boys are on spring break, so I've gotten lots of knitting done while playing games and watching movies. The one sock is almost to the toe, the headband is done, Einstein coat is making progress (right side and sleeves left), and I've finished lots of almost done things that are meant to be gifts.

I also received a really nice treat from Laura. I snuck in just in time to be one of the lucky to receive handmade stitchmarkers from her Finchy's Feeling the Love giveaway. I believe she even made the envelope that she sent them in. That was fun! I remember making envelopes in my pre-children days. I will take pictures and post them later.

Now I must finish washing some of my recycled yarn and get supper in the oven. Then tonight it's more games and a movie. (and knitting!).


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