Thursday, September 01, 2005

Last days of summer

The last few days before school starts and we are trying to have as much fun as possible. There is much reading, watching movies, puzzles, games, and knitting. (Ok, I am the only one knitting). Last night I was feeling the effects of a bad sinus cold. Oma and Opa saved me by bringing medicine. My boys decided to take matters into their own hands and had a slumber party:

Everyone found their comfy spots,

snuggled in,

and brought friends. There was a lot of giggling, some "shhh, Mommy is trying to sleep", and other fun. Then came the realization that lights needed to be turned off and the fact that big brother only has a little night light. This ended the slumber party and everyone eventually fell asleep in their own beds.
As I lay in bed myself last night, the fact that so many do not have the luxury of their own beds right now hit me hard. My heart and prayers goes out to all those affected by the hurricane this past week. No words can even describe the images we see.


Blogger jessica said...

Hope your feeling better. That was sweet of your boys.

Sometimes prayers are all we can do...

5:42 PM  

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