Saturday, May 27, 2006

H is for Heritage

I often think of the heritage I was blessed with & hope that my kids will grow up and feel the same. I have made it a point to live by my parents & grandmother, in hopes that my children will enjoy the many little traditions I grew up with. There is my grandma's mashed potatoes, my mother's apple pie, my Dad's spiritual guidance. (I'm raising boys, so food is an important part of their lives. Therefore food is a memory they will always remember.) As I get older, I find myself doing things like my mother & have realized that my taste in things is becoming very similar to hers. My dad's dedication to be a part of raising my sons amazes me. He added something to his life that was not required of him, because he knew his grandson's needed a man's love & guidance. I find comfort in listening to my grandmother tell her favorite stories of the past & am honored that she still adores me. I miss my other grandparents & try to tell my kids about the legacy they left behind for us. My grandfather T would always treat me like a lady & told me I should not marry, unless that man could treat me the same (I did not listen to that advice!). My grandpa B was a quiet man, but let us know we were very loved. I still smile when I remember his quiet sense of humor. My grandma B was (still is) my hero. I inherited her health issues & I hope I inherit her complete joy in life & her strong faith. I always knew she was praying for us & I still always treasure her complete joy when she first saw Q & realized he had curly hair (she put curlers in her hair daily to achieve what he had naturally).
Heritage. A gift that is too often missed. Something that is often forgotten or not wanted. Something that is a part of our daily life. Something that I am forever grateful for & hope that I learn from.

The pictures are from our Buffalo-hunt. The top one shows my grandma standing by 'Jim-Bob' and the bottom one shows my sons & me standing by 'Spirits of the Prairie'. (Can you tell that it was very windy?) More are on flickr.


Anonymous Leah said...

Great 'H' post. We have painted buffalo all over Oklahoma City as well.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

what wonderful pictures! and you wrote your feelings about your heritage very beautifully.. you have a way with words ;)

3:11 PM  

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