Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bottle Fun

It's now only one week to go until my brother's wedding. And only 2 (or almost 1) day until I turn 30. I think this will be a crazy, fun week.
To start out the fun, look what came in the mail:

Bottle fun from the whenever sock group. I love my stuff and thankfully the person I sent the 'bottle' (umm..ok box) to liked her stuff too. It's such fun to participate in.
I also enjoyed a visit from a childhood friend. He treated me to a night out on the town, plus a couple of coffee's. It was a lot of fun to catch up on each other's life. And it was fun to hear that I still do things that I did as a kid. He remembered me knitting as a kid all the time and I apparently wanted the name of his wife during the game of life back then too. (hehe). So Mr. Got it (I'll call him that, as a memory of the waiter apparently taking a liking to him and bringing him more drink refills; if you got it - you got it, right?), if you are reading this: thank you for a fun 2 days!
I've been busy knitting wedding stuff. I'll be posting pictures this week. And Dad, if you are reading this: Happy Fathers Day!


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