Sunday, June 12, 2005

Red yarn

I spent this weekend trying to plan and/or finish wedding knitting, washing some of my recycled yarn, and getting a new door! You'll hear more about the wedding knitting in another post. But check out what this red yarn that I recycled from a sweater did to the water:

Did the person who owned the sweater before ever wash it? That's alot of red. I'm hoping it will become a summer tank eventually. It's 55% Ramie & 45% cotton.
My other big news is that my Dad came over and installed a new door. Even though I loved the original door, it leaked a lot of cold air this winter. I have to admit that I had visions of things going wrong and me sitting here with a big old hole in the wall. But my Dad proved his skills very worthy and the door looks great. It will get painted another day and the trim put on later this week. (I think it helps that a very good friend is coming to visit at the end of the week). So even though there were moments of craziness, thank you Dad for this awesome birthday gift.


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