Monday, June 20, 2005

Wedding lace

The lace for the ring pillow is now blocking/drying. This was fun to knit since I knew my son is the ring boy and will get to carry this pillow on Saturday. I finished the long lace edging that will go around the pillow on Saturday while watching some of my favorite movies (Mona Lisa Smile; Down with Love; Welcome to Mooseport). My kids were earning money working at Oma & Opa's (grandma & grandpa's), so I was free to watch PG-13 movies.

The pattern for this pillow is in Knitter's - Spring 1998. It's the amazing lace issue. The main part of this pillow will be red satin. Tonight I'll be knitting the edging in red for the flower girl basket (which is white).
We are also starting to count our 'sleeps' before the big day: 5 sleeps until the big day. 4 sleeps until we see my nieces and nephews; 3 sleeps until my Uncles and their wives arrive; 2 sleeps until the last minute clean-everything/pretend we always live in a spotless house day; and 1 more sleep until I turn 30.


Blogger Birdsong said...

Totally awesome! It is projects like this where lace really comes into its own.. made just to make an occasion more beautiful! I like counting the sleeps.. .this is a concept that has followed me since being in labor with my first one... as in, by this time tomorrow... I hope the wedding is lovely and seems to last forever, so that you can really savor the time with your loved ones.

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