Friday, April 01, 2005

April has arrived

Hard to believe April has arrived! The boys and I celebrated by eating breakfast in our courtyard. (We are the lucky ones who found a house built with a courtyard in the middle of it). Today is also therefore April Fools Day. Check out Knitting in the Valley. Agnes did a great job with the history of April Fools Day.
Today is the beginning of Flash your Stash. I did not sign up, mainly cause I still live in denial that I have a stash (don't laugh, just because all you see is yarn when you walk into my room does not mean I have to admit anything yet). Of course, this makes you wonder how much yarn do you need to officially have a stash? 1 skein? While I linger admits my yarn in denial, check out those brave enough to show their stash. What's a better way to start your day than looking at yarn? (I do believe drooling is allowed). Thanks to everyone who opened their closets (bins, bags, secret places all over)!


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