Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I finally can do it

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Yes, I learned how to knit a sock starting at the toe. This is the yarn I got in my bottleswap. Last Saturday evening I decided it was time to learn. I found a wonderful website (knitty) that had pictures of all the steps involved for casting on the toe. I choose the figure-8 cast-on and managed to get it on the first try. (That is not normal for me, which made it that much more exciting). It took me awhile to realize that with the thicker yarn and #2 needles, I needed less stitches than I thought for my big feet. (I had to frog my first attempt at the foot because they were way too big).
This picture is actually the toe for the 2nd sock. It decided to play Monopoly along with us. That is until our cat came over and wanted to play too. For her that means knocking our little people down and then watching in amazement as they fall.


Blogger Lu said...

I recently learned how to knit socks toe-up too and I love it! I think it is easier than cuff down and there is no finishing involved - gotta love that ;-)

4:30 PM  

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