Monday, April 04, 2005

Fun weekends

This weekend was very much about family. We had a big get-together with lots of fun and eating. (and knitting for me).

I got to wear my Phoebe. I think I will make lots more like this. I really hope that the poncho is not going out of style soon (like the rumors tell us). I also forgot to mention the greatest part of Phoebe! I joined the Thrifty Knits not that long ago, mainly cause I hope to get tips and I'm only willing to buy my yarn when I get a good deal. The yarn I used for Phoebe I got on e-bay, where most of my yarn comes from. So here's my thrifty story: I had lost the bid for this lot (included 4 Goddess Carmen, a Mission Falls Cotton skein, a partial skein Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, and a skein of Den-m-nit). Now mind you my bid was only for $5, but that was my limit. Amazingly enough, I was offered a 2nd chance on this lot! It was a happy day.

I'll leave you with this news bit. Although I barely made it to the hospital before my youngest son was born, this women gave birth by herself - with 2 preschoolers in the back of the van! Now that is what I call a supermom.


Blogger Jenifer said...

Hi Michelle, nice Phoebe! Looks great -- I still have yet to knit with Goddess Yarns but I bet they're as yummy as they seem! Jenifer

3:40 PM  

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